New Member Enrolment Procedure

Receive email message via Contact Us, Application Form, or otherwise.

Respond by phone (or if appropriate wait until another member of the Committee has confirmed to you that they have done so), in order to verify the application.

Log in as "system"

View member list and pan down to the bottom of the list and note the next number. Then sort the list by name, and see if the person's name appears there.

Whether it appears there or not, go into Edit Member Account and if the name appears in the Edit list, it means they previously had an account, so, click on it and update their record with any new information. If in doubt as to the identify of the person, you may need to phone to double-check, for example that an old address was that of the same person. NB whenever you update a member's record, please put a note in the Administrators Note box to record what you have done, and why, and add your name and the date.

If the name appeared in the members list, go straight to Unlock & Reset. If not, carry out the Re-activate procedure before doing Unlock and Reset.

If a new account is needed go via the Administration menu to "Create Member Account" using the next Account Number. If the member is present, they can choose a password. If the person has been welcomed already by phone, meeting, or your own email response, you can put their email address in - but NB the system will release a password message as soon as you save the screen if the email address has been inserted. However, if you want to write to the new member first via the system, or if you want to insert some text into the "About Me" box on their profile, DO NOT insert email address at this point. At the foot of the screen, click Save.

From Administration menu, go into Edit Member Account, insert any relevant details from their application into the "About Me" field, and now insert the email address.

Then on the sidebar click on Members List, find the new member at the foot of the list, click on their account number, and their profile opens up. When you click on their email address, a message box opens up. The message goes out FROM the admin email, address, and a copy of it will therefore go back to ALL the recipients of the admin email - this means that other admins will know that you have contacted the member, so choose "send me a copy", and click Send.

Here is a draft letter, which you can adapt: the name of the LETS will appear as part of the title so add something else, like "- Joining our Community".

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thankyou for your application to join our Local Exchange Trading Scheme. We have set up an account for you in the system, and after this one you should receive a welcome message which gives you an account number and password.
The website is at
Best wishes from
The LETS admin team.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So you have put the members' details into the system, and you have written to them telling them you have done this. Now you need to release their password. To do this, go back into the Administration menu, choose Unlock Account and Release Password, go down the list which is in alphabetical order and select the new member, click on their name, choose the second option, which is Send Welcome Email, then click on Unlock and Reset. Job done.